☆ Habits? Experiences? Exposure? or Just PASSION ☆

I’m finally making a return to this blog. So glad, I found out I, Virabot, actually owns a blog. What a joke _._

To begin with, I’m currently on the bring of becoming a third year Medical Student at one MedSchool in Phnom Penh. From the very first day I started school until this very moment, I still doubt myself of whether I really want to be a doctor at all. Do I really want to do it? Am I that passionate about this career path? Is there any outside factors that’s making the class lacks amusements? These are the questions that runs through my head every once a while.

The thing is I always believe in the policy that only people who are doing what they love will become a successful person. This very small facts has tortured me mentally because from what I noticed Medical School does not excite me very much.

Well, no matter what, I still believe in myself and the fact that I’m gonna fall in love with these enthusiastic classes very soon in the future. I’m in no position to give up this yet-to-be-discovered career path.

This makes me question what exactly is “Passion”? Is it something you’re born with? Does something become your passion because it’s your habits? Or do you get it from exposure?

These questions remain unanswered. But I believe I’ll answer it one day. So, stay tune! ❤




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