● Dummary 1: Starbucks Isn’t Good! ●

So, if you’re wondering, I am starting a new blog series called, “Dummary” by combining the word Day and Summary. It’s practically an alternative to the cliché word, “Diary”.

Today has been a very very productive day comparing to the last few days that I have been doing nothing but staying at home. I know. My summer sucks as hell. But, not today.

I started my morning doing some house chores which I usually put off till afternoon or so. After that, I left to Impact Hub which is near the Independent Monument to join a workshop on “First Aid Training” by a Japan Doctor with a translator. It was a bit chaotic since some medical terms weren’t translatable. But well, I did learn and had fun. I am gonna share the How-To-Save-A-Person-Lives here:

● First Aid Steps: You see a patient lying on the street so you:

  1. Check surrounding whether it’s safe to practice first aid procedure, and to see whether there is someone who can assist you.
  2. Put on a pair of gloves if available.
  3. Pat the patient shoulders and asked whether he is fine or unconscious.
  4. After confirming that he is unconscious, place one hand on his forehead while one hand pulls his chin up or open up the airway.
  5. Confirm whether the patient is still breathing by putting your cheek above patient’s mouth and stare at his chest to see whether his chest is expand and shrink.
  6. Confirm again by touching the neck pulse.
  7. If nothing is present, we can assume the patient heart has arrested and thus we need to perform CPR.
  8. With your left hand, grab the top your right hand by intertwining the fingers of both hand and place it on top of center of the chest (body of sternum) with your fingers facing the left side of the patient. The angle between your hands and arm shall be a 90 degree angle. Start applying pressure to your hands 4-5 cm deep down into the patient chest at the speed of 100 pushes per minute. Push and count for 30 times the blow air into the patient’s lung twice (with safety equipment like towel) and repeat this whole process 5 times which sums up 150 pushes and 10 blows in around 2 minutes time span.
  9. And, voilà! Your patient will either comes back to life or it might be already too late.

In the afternoon, I went to the US Embassy to have a meeting with some people including the FUSAAC president, graduating US students who are working or researching in Cambodia. I was not very sure about the purpose of the meeting as I just went there with three other AYC members just to give a presentation on the AYC. It turns out I learnt quite a lot from going.

  1. The meeting started off with a political officer talking about the current political situation in Cambodia. The new thing I learnt was that the US actually interfere a lot with Cambodia’s politic such as mediation and that every political action happening is actually reported the white house.

2. During the presentation I also learnt about various scholarship available from the US including UGRAD, YSEALI, SUSI, Humphrey..etc and also about EDEMY (Cambodia based Online course website).

3. Two of the AYC member who came today were YSEALI alumni and I learnt quite a tons from conversation with them including: YSEALI has 2 programs: Summer and Fall with 3 categories: Environment, Civic Engagement, and Entrepreneur. A better application would mean a better statement of interest (touching and meaningful). If participant has already been admitted to join YSEALI, he will be disqualified for UGRAD which it is recommended that student apply for UGRAD first (year 3 is the most optimal). Applying as a AYC member might be better for me.

4. As we were chit-chatting during the meeting, one person (American) said she felt very bad that Cambodia is importing Starbucks soon because the coffee is really bad. I guess American hates Starbucks after all and we Cambodian are more than hyped about it. Funny.

That’s all about this very very productive day. I’m looking forward to my next one.

-Virabot SOK <^.^>


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