♔ What’s Up, V? ♔

I am a very unpredictable person. One day I slack off and do nothing because no opportunity presents or I am just too caught up with entertainment. The other day, my schedule is just packed and jammed because I like to take all things in at one without thinking much about having enough time or not. I just think that I will learn at least something from just anything I do and it actually comes with consequences. Like the Khmer Proverb, “Trying to catch too much stuff at once, and you will catch nothing.” I fear having no focus, no specialties, and getting too distracted and gaining nothing. This blog series, “What’s Up, V?” is my so-called compilation of the errands that I am current doing slash working on or thinking of doing or supposed to.

By: Oct 1st, 2015


+ U.S Ambassador’s Youth Council’s Member: No longer an ordinary member hehe!

+ 3rd year medical student at UHS: Seriously, need to go and pay for new school year.

+ 2nd year English student at IFL: First, semester did not go the way I wanted it to. I became tardy and lazy half way.

+ Joining SEALNET Project on Autism and Down-Syndrome: Asking for sponsor is such tiring work, especially when your event is on the same day as Jessi J’s free entry concert.

+ Reading “1984”, “Allegiant”, “Secret of the Millionaire Mind”: Couldn’t find time to grab a hold of the books yet.: No I still haven’t read the book.

+ Applying for YSEALI Civic Engagement Exchange Program Winter 2015: I didn’t have Toefl and the time was really constraining for me to actually get one in one-month time span.  I’m definitely going to apply for the next one like seriously.

+ Planning to take IELTS or TOEFL and B1

+ Interning at HT Travel&Tour: It ended earlier than I had planned and I’ve written a business research paper for daddy.

+ Planning to assist family clinic and pharmacy: Finally reached the prepping process. Mom met with her clinic partner. They talked about the design and logos. She’s going to buy the accessory soon. The next to-do list is planning on how to run the clinic and the contract with the partner. Need to take this more seriously.

+ Applying for ASEAN Model United Nation in Malaysia: Failed. Our team didn’t have enough people. They required 6. We got 3.

+ Planning to apply for ASEAN Stock Challenge 2015: Failed. Investing is very complicating and not as fun as I expected it to be. I learned a few things about stock though. In the competition, I made around 0.2% of the profit which is around 160$ out of 80000$. On the bright side, that is a pretty good amount for a non-finance student.

+ Planning to become an EC member of the AYC: Finally, 12/03/16 I was elected as the Secretariat of the USAYC. Woohoo!

+Preparing mom’s lectures for UP: Sorry Mum! I’ve been procrastinating on this for too long. I wil try to get it done by this week before my Springboard competition.

+ Planning to Revise all year 1 and 2 medical lessons: I feel like I haven’t learnt them good enough to move on to year 3 even though I passed the test.

+Joining The SpringBoard English Speaking Competition:  Holy, this is on fire! I’m representing a school once again, UHS. I made it through the English proficiency test. It’ll be weird if I didn’t but this upcoming first round though. Best wishes to me!

So, as you see these are just the things I can think of right now. I will add more to this soon. :3



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