● Dummary 2 : Omens! Omens Everywhere! ● (Procrastinated Version)

About a month ago, on Sunday, I went cycling with my dad and sister at the Camko City area. It started as a normal cycling Sunday until I soon realized things got kinda strange and out of hands. Among three of us, I am usually the slowest so I always ended up cycling alone way behind my dad and sister. I think one thing that contributes to my slowness is the fact that I contemplate the surrounding too much and got lost in thought.

So while I was peacefully and slowly riding my bike, I noticed the road has a line of holes with red string knots peeking out of it. It was weird. I naively starting to doubt if it was some sort of bomb embedded under the road. *me and my imagination* I skipped the childish thought and continue my cycling until suddenly two motorcycle-sized pigs came out of the bushes right in front of me and crossed the road. I was so shocked and enabled to put things together so I just stopped my bike about 3 meters away from their path. Like how the heck do these giants pig come from? Are the wild pig? Nah, they’re pinkish. Who let out such big pigs? As I was thinking about that, at a blink of an eye, a man on a motorbike came behind me at a speed of lightning and boomed, he bumped into the second pig. Both of them went flying in the air. The first pig soon realized the second pig was hurt so it turned and growled at the man who was then dropped on the road. I was pretty sure at least some of the injured pig was bruised internally but luckily it got up and both pigs went running in the bushes of tall grass on the other side of the road. The man and his motorbike pieces was all over the road. I soon noticed he was on the phone earlier that he did not notice the pigs but his phones are now in a million pieces. Luckily, he had some bruised no severe injury so he got up by himself and drove away. I thought my heart just skipped a beat as I was witnessing the situation. It took me a while to get myself together and start cycling again eager to tell my family about the accident.

I soon met my dad and sister and we decided to go and eat breakfast at a restaurant nearby. So, as we were heading to the restaurant, I was behind again, and at one corner, I noticed there were so many birds flying in front of me. There were so many of them like around fifty but they were flying so low, so close to the road that I could not ride faster fearing that I might bumped into them or vice versa. That was so weird and the strange thing is people were staring at me as they don’t seem to understand my scared face as if they do not see them birds. *i started to think about the scene in movie where there’s a disaster happening and the birds feels them so they are flying chaotically”

So I arrived at the restaurant where my dad and sister was sitting inside waiting for me. As soon as I opened the door to the restaurant, BANG  someone broke a glass right at that moment just I walked in.

Now that I put it all together, that was one really weird day. Weird weird day. What are these series of events happening consecutively. Are they some sort of omens? I felt like I need to write them here.




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