♣ Dummary 3: The Trip to My Future Workplace ♣

As I have told you, I am currently a third year medical student, and strangely I had never even once stepped in the hospital. I was not able to do so even as a medical student because intern session starts at 4th year. However, this week my opportunity has come. After many begging, my friend finally called me up to join her sneaking-in the hospital, well sort of.

The day came. I was really pumped and excited because that was like a trip to my future workplace. I was hoping that it would at least give me an idea about my future career and whether to continue my medical student journey or not.  I reached the hospital’s entrance all nervous and joyful at the same time. I fully equipped myself with mask, gloves, and doctor gown, and met my friend after a while.

I put on my masked fearing I might get infected by the hospital air as I entered an unfamiliar room with my friend to encounter unfamiliar faces as I assumed must either be doctors or nurses. I soon realized it was a dressing room for student interns. I put on my red-striped doctor gown which got me all anxious because students are supposed to wear a blue-striped ones.

I sat there for a while sweating all over hoping that I won’t get caught sneaking in. My friend seemed pretty relax as she had done that many times already. One moment, she stood up and walked to asked a nurse guy about whether it was injection time for patients yet. Shaking his head, he replied, “It’s gonna be at 4”. We were one hour early so we decided to give the building a tour by walking around the hospital rooms forgetting the fact that I was wearing the wrong gown ( a doctor’s not student’s). All of a sudden, a patient’s family member came to me, “Doctor, we need your help?” Not knowing what to do, I started panicking as I could not really revealed my true identity that I’m just a student nor risking someone’s life, but my friend confidently stepped up in front of me and walked to the patient’s room. Luckily, they were just asking us to fix the saline solution as it was blocked.

We walked back to the nurse room when it was already time to filled the syringes with medicine. The nurse asked us to fill them without giving us any instruction so we basically just stares at the syringes until the nurse realized and showed us how to do it. I quickly caught on and started snapping open the ampoules like a pro, well sort of lol. After having all the syringes filled, it was the injection time so the nurse pulled the injecting table/trolley out to the hall so we followed. At the first room, the nurse asked if we knew how to inject, I did not response. My friend grabbed the tray with syringe and alcohol cotton and went straight to the bed number that required injection. I carefully observed every action of her including telling the patient that it was injection time, the way she sterilized the injecting area, how she inserted the syringe 90 degree into the patient’s 2/3 laps, and how she aspires before pushing to know whether the needle hit any blood vessel. After seeing it a few times, I knew it was time I gave it a try so I did. I put on my gloves and grabbed my own injection tray. I copied exactly what she did except I was a bit shaking at first because the patient looked like he was in pain to me but woohoo it was a success. Luckily, their were no other interns beside the two of us that day so we basically injected almost every patients in the department so yeah I became pretty skilled with IM injection. Time’s up. We helped clearing the waste syringes, washed our hands throughly, and left.

So, there you have it–My First Experience in The Hospital.

-Virabot ☂


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