ღ Dummary 4 ღ: Is this a dream?

It has not been very long since my grandmother has had a trauma. Yet, today I woke up to the news that she has been injured again. This time it is terribly serious. I was told to get dress and go see grandma at where she was injured but I ended up being left at home for I was a bit too late. My father and sister left me in a hurry after receiving a phone call that she was sick at our farm. I thought it was an ordinary “sick” as in maybe high blood pressure or headache. However, as my sister came back home, she told me that grandma once again felt really hard and is now at the hospital. I was a bit restless not knowing what to do. Then, my cousin came and told me that grandma had broken her femur. More specifically, it was an “inter0-trochanter fracture.” That definitely meant surgery is mandatory. In no time, I decided to walk to the hospital. Ain’t nobody got time for a ride. My grandma was hurt and I knew I had to go to the hospital to check her out. After arriving, I went in to see my dad discussing with the physician. I walked in further to see my granny on the Khema hospital bed surrounded by my mum and other relatives in the emergency room. They soon left leaving just me there. I sat there silent not knowing what to ask or say. Then, a few other relatives came in. They had a conversation with grandma. Grandma told them how she ended up hurt.

“So, I was sitting on a hammock. When I got up, I grab onto a metal door. Suddenly, the hinge broke off, and the metal door felt toward me. In order to avoid being hit by the door, I dropped my body off to the side ending up with a broken bone. ” described Grandma.

My uncle chauffeur said, “Today, it’s pretty weird. Every other time, Om always moved in furniture only on Sunday as she states it brings good luck, but today is Wednesday,  and Om still moves furniture to the new house (the one where she felt).”

Grandma said what’s weird is her sister who recently broke her left femur as well suddenly hug and kiss her yesterday without telling her why. In my country, we do not hug nor kiss. It might be transmitted. Weird. I know.

I later found out there will be complications with the surgery. My granny has had a longterm aortic valve shrinkage (from 4cm to 0.6cm) so there might be problem during the surgery regarding the anesthesia. This has left me with great stressed.

Now, my parents and uncle cannot decide whether to send her to Thailand as there are some problem. First, there is no seat left. Today is water festival day, and people are rushing to Bangkok. Second, patient flight cost a lot and take at least 48 hours to apply for. Third, my granny cannot sit and the flight take 1 hour long. Super super stressed.

Out of any day or place, at around 5pm this afternoon, there’s a house on fire a couple block away from the hospital. There were pitch black smoke. It got me even more worried. What a full-of-unluckiness day. Is this a dream?

-TOL a.k.a Virabot


Update: Her surgery is done. It was a success. She is conscious now.

Duration: 1h 57mn

Hospital: Bumrungrad Hospital, Thailand




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