♣ It’s time to STOP, V! ♣

I think I’ve lost count of times when I stepped over the boundary or crossed the line. It gets to the point where I can label myself as “uncontrollable” or in other word–a person with no self-control.

If you are wondering, I’ve been sleeping late, going to class late, going to appointments late, not doing assignment, submitting works late, going to eat late, skipping classes, putting off doing things that could be life-changing and many more all for nothing. There is not even a single reason for me to make excuse for those behaviors.

This terrible habit is affecting my life dramatically. Everything is falling out of places. Plans are being cancelled. Goals are being ruined. Deadlines are always being passed.

Sleeping late is making older and older. My dark circle is getting worse. Two relatives just told me that I look very old recently.

I’m ashamed when looking back at my new year resolution to be the top in school. How? Always 30mn late to class, and always skipping class. Missing the lessons I’m supposed to learn. I feel ashamed to the max. I’m even now too lazy to write this blog with the right grammar. I just skipped two classes this morning. *mad at myself*

Well, let’s try na find a way to solve this. Be organized, be clean, be ready, write to-do list, take a rest if have to, make it easy to start doing tasks, be reminded of why I should be doing what I should do, and most importantly:


I vow to get everything back into places for the better of me, and my future.

-Virabot ❤



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