• A Moment of Realization •

An event from this morning has made me realized the truth. I am not on top of the world. I have no time to relax. I have no right to skip class and slack off. I have no reason to live like I have everything because you know what, I thought I did, but the truth is: I have nothing. I am living off my parents who also share house with my grandparents. I have no job and no source of income. It felt like I got everything I need.I am lucky to have parents who made love me and fulfill everything I need which made me feel like I have everything despite our situation. Now, I just finally realized that I had it wrong. I have nothing. I am living by relying on others, and it is never the same as living by ourselves. I have no right to oppose or stand up against the person I am relying on. The truth is sad, but I guess it is time I accept the truth.  I must work hard, study hard, and succeed in the future.

I was in my room this morning with my computer when I hear a knock on my door. I ran to open it to find my grandpa. He immediately shouted ” Kadouy Mae Haeng, Yey Tae Pi Dong Mej Ban Ot Lerk!” I confusingly responded, “Jao ort ban lir pong.”

“Ot lir saey. Dek nus dek. Ah Labol yor!” He shouted and walked away.

I quickly grabbed my charging phone to find 2 missed calls. I really did not hear them. I have never once intentionally ignore grandma phone’s call. Like never. It’s not the right thing to do! And, no I was not sleeping. I locked the door while I was changing and I forgot to unlock. I noticed my phone was on silent. I even tried using my sister phone to call myself and no it did not make any sound. I put on silent most of the time because everyday I have class from 7am to 8:30pm. I usually forget to turn it back to normal. I immediately ran down to find grandma but as I reached my living room I started to burst into tears. So, I ran back to my room. I was so disappointed and mad at the same time for getting blamed, by a person I respect, for a mistake I never made or intended to make. It is painful.I cried on the way to school because I suddenly realized I was not loved and no I am not in such a good situation as I thought I was in. I shall remember this for the rest of my life. Work hard, Tol! Prove people that they are wrong about you!

-Virabot T.T


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