☯ Being The Black Sheep of the Family ☯

I was never normal. From the time I was born, I knew something was different about me. Something that many does not know. I have not been able to fully realize what that is, but for now, I know, I am different.

I go out a lot. I am lazy. I am selfish. I am addicted to technology and the strangest of all is I volunteer. These are all the things my relatives make of me. They are curious to why I am wasting time, effort, fuel, and money just to work for the sake of others?  Little did they know I go to school from 7am to 8:30pm and that I would no longer have energy to do anything else. Little did they know, I was never selfish because I was just being honest with my actions. Little did they know that by using technology, I am not just playing games or being on social media, but I was doing my homework, doing research for scholarships, or just studying. Little did I know I go out to volunteer because I want to learn something new, to experience life, to face challenges, to meet the good and the bad, to become a better person, and to find myself.

I do not regret doing something people in my family do not. It is good sometimes to just go out there, follow no one’s footstep, and just be myself!

I do not guarantee myself that what I choose to do is right but it is always better to be wrong by believing in yourselves rather than just blindly following others opinions.

I am glad though that most of the time my parents are supportive of what I do, if I let them know the detail of what I am doing, regardless others are thinking.

Be the black sheep; it makes you feel good!

-Virabot ❤



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