☢ Challenge-Myself Challenge ☢

So, I initially intended to write a detailed diary on what exactly I did during my U.S trip but I got lazy because they were too much to write about so I decided that at least I should note down what I at least learned or realized during the trip.

First of all, upon meeting my female cousins:

-As I met Bong Top, I wanted to be as independent like her. She has a job, and her own salary at such a young age. She seems to be a really independent young woman who her parent can rely on. She is also serious with her work and what she does. She even has an itinerary for our visit. In addition to these, she is one caring young lady. She spent and took us around not caring much about the spending. She even got us a memory photo card, scrapbook  and did the crochets for us.  My time in Virginia and DC wouldn’t have been so great if it wasn’t for her. I’m so gonna miss her.

-As for Bong To, she barely spent time or went anywhere with us because she was busy with her schoolwork. She studies very hard which inspires me to do the same. She is also penny-pinching which is also good to certain extend. I should learn to save up money too. Despite how penurious she was, she got me a 20$ calendar as a gift, that’s so nice of her.

-As for Om Pov, she is such a clean woman. Her house is spotless. It’s almost cleaner than hotel. Looking back to how dirty my room is, I think I should learn to be clean too for my health as well as to have a positive mindset.

-As for Om Vuth, he can be slightly mean sometimes especially when he banned us from returning to DC for the second time lol. I heard his story and I am inspired by how hard he works for his school and job as well as making connection that allow her daughters to have jobs easily.

-Thinking back about our stay in Cali, I can’t put it to words how thankful I am for our second cousin, Bong Vor, who took care of us very well over-there. When he was in Cambodia 2 years ago, we barely even had a 5-minute talk nor did we ever took him around. However, when we went to his place in the Longbeach, he gave up his family bedroom for us, gave us rides to everywhere, took us to places, and even payed food for us. He took care of us like a big brother except we act a bit bitchy and stayed silent most of the time lol we’re just introverted. I, for a moment, knew what it must have felt like to big brother and I’ll be glad to have one.

-His children are also lovely. The boy is so smiley and friendly. We barely met but he came to catch up with me the moment I arrived. He always tell us about this and that. So cute!

-The girl is also very lovely. She’s so independent and sporty for a second grader. Such loveliness!

-Regarding, the environment, some people are really friendly while some can be really rude like this one time when we were in six flags, these tattooed men acted like a POS when we kindly asked to cross their line for a bit. Roller-coasters’ line are too long and not worth the time waited (approximately 45mn to 1h30) I really like the creative banners, and the creativity of the government like how they encourage carpool and stuff. I was also surprised to see how patriotic Khmericans were. I was so proud when we drove through the Cambodian Town area. It’s weird how the US welcome immigrants which is the exact opposite in Cambodia. One thing that is weird is the foods. I really like fast food in Cambodia, but when I arrived in the US, foods don’t taste as great as they should. I mean, c’mon, we had chipotle, in and out, which are all the stuff I have always wanted to taste but they taste lame to me. I wonder if it’s because of the jet-lag, the fact that I’m eating it the wrong time that I should, the no-MSG-ness, or the food just tastes bad. I’m really not sure. Well, finally, what’s surprising though is that I only discovered that studying in US university only enable you one-year of work and you must return home. I initially thought that people who are going to the states to study can live there forever. Funny me!

-No I can’t forget how grateful I am toward my parents who allow and fund such an amazing trip for me to be able to see the world in other word, TO HAVE MY DREAM CAME TRUE. I love you, Mom and Dad. I will work hard to be successful in the future. I won’t let you down.

It’s been almost a month since I’ve returned, but I still haven’t forget the memories, the joy, all my “first”, the new places I visited, the food I’ve ate, and everything. I love the US so much; my love for it hasn’t vanished. I’m sure people can’t take me around forever, they can’t be nice forever, I don’t have the money to enjoy the trip forever, but I know I still want to live in the US or at least study or visit there again. I don’t know what it is that makes me wanna go there so much; I just know I do, and that is why I am going to challenge myself.


If I can pass a B1 exam, get >107 on TOEFL or >7 on IELTS, and most importantly be in the top 3 students in both my school, UHS and IFL, by the end of the year, I promise myself that I am going to apply to study in the US, or to the very least, spend an at-least-17-day vacation there again. I promise that I’ll work hard!

It was a wonderful experience! Thank you, Mommy and Daddy!

-Virabot ❤



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