๐ŸŒŸ YSEALI: A bridge to my goal ๐ŸŒŸ

I have never been devoted to anything my whole life. Today I was preparing my last minute application form for the YSEALI, and no I did not procrastinate like other time. It just that I put more effort in the essay more than ever which resulting in prolonging preparation period. I noticed my writing has been downgrading a lot. I no longer write creatively. I follow format and structure.

Back to the topic, I wrote an essay a month ago, and rewrote them again this morning only to get them commented by Daddy and had to rewrite it again. I then reach out to fellow AYC-er and YSEALI Alumni for advice. Lalin gave me many advices, Boromey helped corrected the essay, and Bong Vathna helped reducing the words to its limit, and even called me to explain about his corrections.

I was so stressed out today that when I finally clicked send, I felt like a rock was lifted off my chest. My essay is good although there are some grammatical error but I am too tired to make anymore changes. I think it’s enough of change for today.

Finger-crossed! I am desperate for this so bad but even if I might fail, I won’t regret because I gave it my best shot.

People told me that if I’m only applying for the sake of going to the US, don’t! But what I want to tell them is that, my goal is real, and YSEALI will be the bridge for me to achieve it.

Side note: I know what your feeling about lately, Tol. You’re confused and not knowing what to do exactly, and how to handle this uncontrollable situation. There’s hints but they’re not too obvious. You hope or not hope it might be true but then again if it’s true you wouldn’t know how to handle it, but if you ignore it, you might miss the chance forever lol. Such confusion. Such complexity. The self-contradiction is real lmao.

Well, anyways, best wishes to me for the YSEALI application.

Update: I failed.

Re-update: I applied again for the Spring Fellowship, and woohoo. I made it this time. KSU, I’m coming for you!


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