📚 JUNE Challenge: Lesson of the Day 📚

  • 1st:  Never be afraid to show off yourself to the world especially putting your talent and achievement out there for the world to see because that is what people will remember first when they think of you, and you will never where it can get you too.
    • I used to be very secretive with anything I do in general because I thought I should keep a humble image, but after today’s meeting, where we were trying to come up with potential judges and trainers for the debate, I realized that letting the world see your achievement can take you places.
  • 2nd: Don’t worry about your look too much. People fall for confidence, intelligence, and not your look. Moreover, you wouldn’t wanna put yourself around people who likes merely your looks anyway. But for whatever reason, you should always groom yourself well to look neat and professional just to fit in society.
    • Someone somehow made a public confession in class. Someone who are not allowed to do so nor will I name who it is, but it was unexpected and rather something I wouldn’t wanna find out.
  • 3rd: Learn the traffic rule and remember it well so once you have problem, you’ll be okay.
    •  I was feeling motivated today. So, I reckoned I should stop by CSC only to got into a minor accident on the way there. It was my first time. It was both of us fault but it was my turn to go. I had the priority since I was by the roundabout, but after a long argument, I gave him 30000R because his leg was slightly injured. I felt slightly cheated on but that is okay since he was injured and his motorcycle cracked a bit.


Update: Life got a bit hectic so I forgot about this. My bad :3 [CHALLENGE FAILED]


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