♞Sleep Paralysis: A Loophole in Science♞

I’ve heard a lot of tales and explanation about people sleep paralysing, both traditionally and scientifically. I never really took it seriously until this morning which I believe I experienced the legendary “Sleep Paralysis”. I’ll be through with the narrating.

That night, I went to sleep at 12am but woke up to take a bath at 1pm because I forgot to obviously lol. I slept until 7am when my sister woke me up to get her shirt for her because she has nothing on. I immediately went back to sleep afterward and was awake at around 8:30am. I was watching a couple of online med videos on youtube on bed only to find myself falling asleep again (without knowing of course.) into a vivid dream.

In the dream, I was at my aunt office place (well similar) where I was walking to the back of the place to the bathroom to find a whiteboard on the wall with bloody letter (or just red ink  LOL). I didn’t pay much attention to the words nor was I scared or anything and walk straight to the toilet like I couldn’t careless. As I was about to do my toilet business, the light black out. I immediately assume, my aunt must be leaving her office and is turning off everything, and forgot that I was here…so I shouted for help to let her know that I was still in that house and then I was back on my bed. I wasn’t sure if it’s a dream or reality, but this was what happened at that moment. (I’m getting goosebump typing this ._.)

I was sleeping in a foetus position on my bed but I suddenly found it impossible to move. I tried lifting my legs but it stuck (Actually unlike what people said about being pressed down, it just felt like I have no control over it). I then heard voices (It sounded like Thai Language) whispering and circulating above my head. It got louder and louder but I couldn’t understand anything. I tried looking up to the voice but my vision was also stuck (it’s hard to explain like I can’t barely see anything nor open my eyes but I felt like I was seeing the room at the same time…so hard to explain lol). I was so scared but I didn’t wanna lose to the force. I tried to lift my hands again but can’t. I paused for a moment then I gathered all my energy and “bam”. I got up with all my energy and ran to my parents room to find my mom. I immediately told her about it, and she said something about the ancestor must be tired and actually slept/sat on me while I was sleeping.

Immediately, I was back to my bed sleeping in the foetus position again. I suddenly realized it was a dream. I can move now. My mom walked in my room, and I told her about it again for real, and she gave me a glare and said, “See, I told you to not sleep for too long! Now you’re imagining stuff.” (-.-seriously, mommy xD facepalm)

I immediately look up “Sleep Paralysis.” The scientific explanation about interrupted REM sleep made sense and I was convince except what I noticed was Science couldn’t really explain why most people who suffer sleep paralysis often see a demonic figure pressing them down. Like why? And my case, them voices @@ why?

I’m scared. Bye .____. *goosebump*





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